Ah, Stink

Joe Borowski, the Cubs’ closer in 2003 (and my favorite player on that team), took a line drive off his right wrist and suffered a hairline fracture. He’s probably out until mid-May, which means we get LaTroy Hawkins as a closer again, at least for the first month and a half of the season.

With Prior and Wood both ouchy, this is shaping up to be a repeat of 2004 for the Cubs’ pitching staff.

At least Cubs’ GM Jim Hendry got rid of the bitching staff (Alou, Sosa, Mercker) over the winter.


3 responses to “Ah, Stink

  1. So why do we put ourselves through this year after year? It must be especially difficult for you living in Cardinal territory.

    We moved to East Texas about nine years ago and have also become Rangers’ fans. My oldest son and I often wonder what would happen if we could combine the Cub’s pitching with the Rangers’ hitting. Hmmmmmm.

  2. Lessons in patience and perseverence. At least Cardinals fans are respectful when they diss you. In Philadelphia, they’d turn on Mets fans like pirhanas on a cow with an open wound.

    The Cards are vulnerable, though. They’ve got hitting, true, but I don’t see the starting pitchers performing like they did last year. I see a lot of 9-7 games at Busch and a lot of 4-3 games at Wrigley this year.

  3. Yeah, as much as I’d love to I just can’t hate the Cardinals. It is a class organization. However, I still hate the Mets. Stemming back from the old National League East days.

    If there are a lot of those one run games for the Cubs this year I hope the outcome is better than last year.
    They were 18-29 last year in one run games.

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