MythArc Radio #2

With my bride still in Indiana, I had to record this podcast solo. With twelve years’ experience in radio (which would seem like a past life if I believed in reincarnation), the problem was not coming up with enough to talk about but getting to the point.

Highlights: A brief discussion of developments this week with the MythArc novels, especially concerning our goal of crossing the border between mainstream and “Christian” fiction.

We received our first complaint letter this week, basically accusing us of heresy for claiming to be Christians while using “gutter” language in our writing. Ironically, the gentleman who wrote us based his opinion on the first few pages of Sharon’s novel The Armageddon Strain, which as of this writing is the featured fiction excerpt at the Christian Broadcasting Network.

We’re tracking a few news items of interest here in The Bunker: RFID chips may not be as safe as the government claims they are; watch for the United Nations to try to take over the Internet; the avian flu continues to worry health officials, so much so that a shipment of boneless chicken feet was impounded by the Department of Agriculture; and scientists in Silicon Valley have announced plans to genetically engineer a mouse with a brain made of human cells.

Theme music again by Steve Grace, the title cut from his CD New Day Coming. And if you listen carefully, you’ll hear a guest appearance by our 15-pound, four-legged security chief, Murphy. He wanted union scale, but he settled for his stuffed piggy.


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