Bible Cooties!

Dave Gwydion (“the Magician”) relates the horror of flying. No, not the invasive security procedures–the tracts!

Alaskan Airlines, I discovered, does not deign to serve its transcontinental passengers anything resembling a full meal. All we got on a 6 hour flight was a crappy sandwich. The IFE comes as a small portable DVD player that costs 10 bucks. But the particular feature of the Airline that pissed me off was the little Christian verse they include on each meal tray. I know this is America, where God-fearing zealots control the government. But inflicting Christianity on a captive audience of fee-paying passengers is just too much.

Oh, the humanity!

Gwydion presumably has no problem with the humanist drivel that passes for news analysis, science, ethics, and philosophy on TV, in movies, and in pop literature, not to mention the curricula of our public schools and universities. I make that assumption since he describes himself as an “academic”.

Dave, here’s a thought: Next time, crumple up the prayer card and drop it in the Hefty bag when the flight attendant collects your trash. Nobody forced you to read it–unlike my daughter in the public school system, who has to learn the religion-disguised-as-science called evolutionism or flunk biology.

His other major complaint with airline service, by the way, is that Northwest’s flight attendants are “the ugliest”. Now that’s enlightened.

For some reason, Chris Bertram at Crooked Timber thought enough of Gwydion’s post to quote it. That’s progressive philosophy, I guess: Willing to die for your right to agree with them.


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