The Indiana Book Tour

My bride is still in Indiana, wrapping up our first mini-promotional tour for the series of supernatural novels we’re writing. She had a very pleasant time in South Bend, with a wonderfully coordinated book signing at the Barnes & Noble in Mishawaka, and overnight accomodations at a charming bed & breakfast.

Her appearance at the B & N in Carmel (suburban Indianapolis) Saturday evening was, um, less well coordinated. No fault of the store staff that night, who did their absolute best to pick up the dropped ball. A group from a church in the Indy area came out to say hello, too, so the evening wasn’t too bad.

I wouldn’t even mention the minor glitch except the gentleman who was responsible called my wife’s private cell phone Monday to try to BS his way out of taking the blame. And then he hemmed and hawed about having her back, after the assistant manager on duty Saturday, who was extremely helpful, promised a makeup date. It almost sounded like he resented having her there.

I’m also irritated that somebody who should know better gave this guy Sharon’s phone number and told him to have it out with her. That’s not her job.

On a brighter note, though, Sharon’s interview on The Harvest Show yesterday was wonderful. She was beautiful and eloquent, as always, and the interviewer seemed genuinely interested in the book and the series. Most important, Sharon made it clear that we’re writing not to glorify ourselves but the One to whom we owe everything.

And if we can sneak these books into the secular aisles of the bookstores, then so much the better. So far the books have been tagged as everything but Christian fiction at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Books-a-Million. Bwa ha! Dropped behind enemy lines!


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