A couple of concerned readers advised me to chill after reading my “Dadzilla” post, one going so far as to caution me against driving my daughter away from me.

Hmm. Maybe I need an emoticon for “tongue in cheek”. I obviously didn’t hit the proper note of self-deprecation.

Yes, I know I overreacted and turned into a stereotypical TV dad–internally.

Not to worry, G, I bit my tongue. I learned the hard way a long time ago to stop, breathe, and think before speaking.

My daughter has a fair amount of freedom, and I’ve got a wonderful counselor–my wife–whose wisdom is indispensible.

The point of my post was to express surprise at myself. My emotional response was pretty strong for what was a relatively minor thing. No way I anticipated the sudden and complete transformation into the Incredible Bulk.

I thought I was pretty cool, actually; heck, I was picking the hits for a large market Top 40 radio station even after my daughter was born. She tells me I’m better on the GameCube than most of the boys her age (heh heh).

But she’s still not taking the phone into her room after 10 o’clock on school nights.


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