It’s About Time

ABC News is reporting on the rape of Congo by the UN:

Widespread allegations of sexual exploitation and abuse of Congolese women, boys and girls have been made against U.N. personnel who were sent to help and protect them ? despite a so-called zero tolerance policy touted by the United Nations toward such behavior.

The range of sexual abuse includes reported rapes of young Congolese girls by U.N. troops; an Internet pedophile ring run from Congo by Didier Bourguet, a senior U.N. official from France; a colonel from South Africa accused of molesting his teenage male translators; and estimates of hundreds of underage girls having babies fathered by U.N. soldiers who have been able to simply leave their children and their crimes behind.

As they did in Cambodia and Bosnia.

One of the culprits is French UN official Didier Bourguet. On the hard drive of his computer, according to ABC, “were thousands of photos of him having sex with hundreds of young Congolese girls.”

The face of the UN in Congo: UN official Didier Bourguet
Hundreds? How long was this pedophile in Congo?

Between the UN’s record of sex crimes nearly everywhere it deploys peacekeepers and the billions of dollars it siphoned away from the people of Iraq, can we finally declare this abomination a failure?


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