Deer in the Headlights

Kev reports on the dead deer enigma:

I-64 runs along the northern border of my county in Southwestern Indiana (Vanderburgh County). Many dead deer along that road…
Deer: “Headlights! Run!”
Car Driver: “#$%^&*!!!!”
Car Tires: “Screech!!!!”
Car/deer: “SLAM!!”
Deer: Thud… “Reminder to self: Headlights = DON’T RUN!!!” Ack.

The deer population has really exploded the last few years and they’re encroaching on our suburbs. But most of the deer Sharon saw along I-64 Sunday were well back from the highway, too far to have bounced there off a fender.

And that still doesn’t explain why so many wild dogs are roaming around southern Illinois.

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