Refill the Red Ink

Today begins the official FIRST EDIT of The God Conspiracy.

It’s beginning to sink in that this “novelist” gig is actually real. Sharon came home yesterday from the CBA convention in Nashville with the new editions of her two novels, and they look fantastic. Glossy covers, foldouts inside the covers, embossed lettering–the thumbnails on the left-hand side of this web page don’t do them justice at all. Deepercalling/Whitaker House has done a tremendous job.

Best of all, we noticed today that and the online stores for Barnes & Noble and Books-a-Million have categorized her novels as mainstream fiction. Science fiction, technothriller, thriller, mystery–but no mention of spirituality or religion.


The whole point of The MythArc is to hook readers outside the Christian faith with what we hope are good stories and engaging characters, some of whom just happen to be professing Christians.

The worldview presented is also Christian. That doesn’t mean the stories are preachy, or that there’s a morality lesson at the end of each novel where the bad guy gets his for daring to rebel against God. That isn’t how the real world works, and we all know it.

Bad things happen to good people, and good things happen to bad people. A lot of what happens around us doesn’t make much sense. That’s in part because you and I don’t think like the men and women pulling the levers of power.

What those men and women don’t realize, most of them, is that they’re just useful idiots for the real power in this world. Christians should know this already. Our goal is to lead others to understand that the petty charade played out in the evening news is just a respectable form of professional wrestling. The real battles are fought behind the scenes, and for much higher stakes.

It’s your soul that’s the prize. That’s all you take into the next world; it’s all you have of value to the enemy. All this other stuff? Means to an end.

Of course it doesn’t feel that way. That’s exactly what the enemy wants–to convince us that this is real, so we focus our energy on this world, this life, satisfying these wants, right now!

That’s not to say that news events are totally unimportant; just that the ones that are important are the ones that rarely cross our radar screens. That’s what has inspired the novels we’ve written so far.

Armageddon Strain is based on the very real deaths by unnatural causes of nearly four dozen prominent biologists and geneticists within the last three-plus years, and the government’s almost frantic campaign to scare us into taking flu shots the last couple of seasons. (Hint: There was no shortage of vaccine this year.)

Winds of Evil scratches the surface of the alien abduction phenomenon. (What? Christian fiction about UFOs? You betcha.) And The God Conspiracy is based on a fact that most Americans don’t know, or don’t want to know: Our government is no longer bound by the limits imposed by the Constitution of the United States. (And no, it’s not John Ashcroft’s fault. Or Bill Clinton’s.)

The cool thing about writing a series of “supernatural” thrillers is that we can write in any period of history we want and still use recurring characters.

Enough talk. Down to editing.


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